Adams-Arapahoe County ARES ALERT STATUS: Normal (Alert 0) Monthly Meeting -- Next membership meeting planned for Thursday, October 13th at 19:00 hours. This is an IN PERSON MEETING - NOTE: Different location -- DETAILS IN EMAIL AND ONLINE --

We ensured  ACARES members were trained and updated on the ICS programs:  (100, 200, 700 and 800) for 2020 and continue to take other courses to learn new skill sets so we can offer support to our served agencies.

This year, with the COVID issues, require that ACARES conduct business through the use of Google Meets for our monthly meetings.  The Training and Planning committee have developed an exercise and training agenda for the remainder of the year.   A recap of the training schedule follows.  However, the following training is subject to change as conditions may require.

June 20th, 0900 to 1200, 19 ACARES members participated in Operation Down Pour, which was a simulated weather exercise.  Five members took to the road to evaluate simulated flooding, car accidents and downed power lines.  As EC, I greatly appreciated a number of folks who volunteered to be net control or our scribe.  A number of our members, having never done either, stepped up to handle the task and did an excellent job.  This is a great example of how to improve your skills during training.  

July will have Operation Looking Glass.  ACARES and other ARES members will be invited to participate.

August has a Shelter exercise -Operation Bug out.  ACARES and other ARES members will be invited to participate.

September will have a Medical/Hospital Exercise, ACARES member only

October there is a SET Exercise, based on PODS.  Operation Get Well will include both ACARES and other ARES members.

November there is a winter weather exercise, Operation Snowman, ACARES members only.

December-Overview of AAR/Debriefs of exercises we conducted in 2020 and plan for 2021

We will continue to strive for excellence in emergency communication.  

Peter Meer